Ambassador of the month

Ambassador of the Month

The senior management team, following commendations from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and work colleagues, have taken the decision to award one of our incredible dedicated, loyal and professional employees, Aloysuis Omenna, who since joining us in 2021 has always shown a true commitment ot going above and beyond during the course of his day-to-day role. Extremely well deserved and the senior management team and all at Danhouse Security would like to thank Aloysuis for his continued support, professionalism, and dedication:

Aloysuis Omenna, Security Officer

Aloysuis works within our contract at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London and is exceptionally disciplined and passionate about his work at this extremely valued contract and very worthwhile cause within the UK. Aloysuis has received numerous commendations and extremely positive feedback from many of the employees and visitors but most recently from a new Battersea Dogs & Cats Home employee who said that she was extremely relieved to have Aloysuis by her side when two stray dogs arrived in the middle of the night. Aloysuis talked her through the process and was extremely encouraging in her new role. Once again, Congratulations Aloysuis and thank you from all at Danhouse Security!

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Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

What we do at Battersea Dogs and Cats home: At Battersea we are here for every cat and dog and have been since 1860. Battersea aims to never to turn away a dog or cat in need of help. We give each one lots of love and expert care and get to know their characters and quirks so we can find them a new home that’s just right for them. All the knowledge we gather in our centres helps us to improve the lives of the animals we’ll never meet, through our work with other rescue organisations and charities. We also help people make informed choices when getting a pet, we provide training and welfare advice, and we campaign for changes in the law when we see that dogs and cats or their owners deserve better. We want to be here for every dog and cat, wherever they are, for as long as they need us.