ISO 14001
(BS EN ISO 14001:2004)
Danhouse Security Ltd has decided to obtain ISO 14001 accreditation.
The ISO 14001 environmental management standards exist to help organisations ensure that their operations do not have a negative impact on the environment, that they comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmental requirements, and that they continually improve on these.
ISO 14001 is similar to the ISO 9001 quality management we currently operate in that it also concerns itself with how the product is produced, in other words the process, rather than the product itself. The standard applies to all types and sizes of organisations and requires a commitment to continual improvement and compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.
General Description of ISO 14001
ISO 14001 requires an Environmental Policy to be in existence that outlines the policies of the company to its stakeholders and that is fully supported by senior management. The policy, that provides the direction for the remainder of the Environmental Management System, needs to clarify compliance with the relevant Environmental Legislation and emphasise a commitment to continuous improvement.
The policy statement must be written in language that is easily understood. It should relate to the sites covered by the Management System and should provide an overview and description of the company’s activities.
Similar to ISO 9001, the Environmental Management System requires comprehensive periodic audits to ensure that it is effective, is achieving its targets and continues to perform in accordance with relevant regulations and standards. The audits are also designed to identify opportunities for improvement and a requirement for a Management Review of the system to ensure that it is suitable to the organisation and effective in meeting its objectives.
In respect of this, we need to consider what actions to take where an emergency occurs that might impact on the environment. This usually takes the form of a published, reviewed and rehearsed Emergency Plan, which can be readily implemented should such an emergency occur. An example would be a diesel storage tank that has fractured and is leaking diesel fuel into a drain. The plan would set out what action needs to be taken, and by who, to contain and resolve the situation. The plan will also provide for a review of the plan once the emergency has been resolved.
Danhouse Security Ltd has taken the following measures to implement an environmental management system to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:
  • Published an environmental policy, a copy of which is held at each operational site;
  • Appointed the General Manager to manage the environmental management system.
  • Listed the legal requirements that impact on the business (held at Head Office)
  • Identified the environmental aspects of the business and documented the impact on the environment. For each identified impact, an action plan has been developed with measurable objectives for the business to achieve. These plans are held at Head Office and are reviewed and amended by management. Where there is an impact at site level the individual Officers will be informed accordingly;
  • Identified at site level where there is potential for any emergency that could impact on the environment. Where this exists, an emergency plan has been included in the Assignment Instructions. All officers working at that site will be made aware of the requirements and operation of the plan.
Any training given regarding the environmental management system and emergency plans will be recorded to the individual’s Training Record.
In general terms, staff are required to ensure that where there is a potential to protect the environment, it is recognised and actioned. This may simply be to ensure all paper, ink jets etc are recycled and not placed in a skip or bin or that unnecessary lights or other electrical equipment are turned off when not in use.

Where any specific environmental concerns arise at site level these should be brought to the attention of the Operations Manager and will be dealt with accordingly.

 We are asking our staff to think about the following key questions
(Q)       What can I do to ensure that I am complying with requirements of the standard?
(A)       All Officers should ensure that they have read and understood all of the above information, the emergency procedures for their site and the updated Quality Policy statement
(Q)       How can I make a difference in day to day routines?
(A)       Officers should attempt to turn off lights that are not required, check fans are not left on in the summer months, and heaters in the winter. If the Client allows it, turn off any printers and copier machines and try and identify any fuel wastage i.e. electricity, water left on whilst on patrols.
(Q)       What should I do if I have a question relating to ISO14001?
(A)       All questions should be directed to any member of the Operations team, who will be more than willing to discuss your concerns or ideas regarding this standard.

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