Client testimonials

  • Just wanted to say that Miguel was brilliant earlier – we had an aggressive customer at the gate who’d tied his dogs to the railings and got quite threatening with me and another member of staff – Miguel was just fantastic, he witnessed the customer giving me a verbal disclaim for the dog, which stops her having to serve stray days with us and won’t prolong her stay. He was just so helpful coming out to the front of the Home with me and staying throughout – am very impressed!
    Carly Whyborn
    Head of Operations / Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
  •  Jonathan Halliwell
    Can I on behalf of Fox Williams take this opportunity to thank you for all your understanding, cooperation and fantastic service that you have provided over the years. I hope you didn’t mind but I have given your details to the new owner should they require security.
    Jonathan Halliwell
    Fox Williams LLP, Solicitors
  • Jude
    We have been working with Danhouse since 2015. Danhouse are very responsive to our needs which gives me peace of mind. Regular review meetings are always held, but I know the guys are only at the end of a phone if needed and that works well for me!
    Allianz Partners UK
  • Zaqia Fiaz
    Another happy customer, after I dealt with her store complaint. The security officer who assisted her on the floor was Saleem. Many Thanks, Kind Regards,
    Zaqia Fiaz
    Centre Operations Coordinator, Treaty Shopping Centre
  • Janet Leatherland
    Wow! Just Wow!!! What a great start! Good Lad! Please pass on my delight!
    Janet Leatherland
    Centre Manager, Treaty Shopping Centre
  • John Hoskin
    Neil - Again, I want to commend you on your information and reports with actions on COVID 19.   I know you have just one assignment and not in City etc but the information very relevant and demonstrates what you can and you are doing in multi – occupied buildings. Your information and early circulation is far superior than my current City and Westend security service providers. I have used your information to advise Colliers on a wider scale which will be of benefit when we get over this COVID 19 period of concern in relation to City and Westend contracts. Stay safe and thank you.
    John Hoskin
    Regional Facilities Manager, Colliers International
  • John Hoskin
    Neil - Very good communication on face masks etc. If there are any costs associated with PPE at Harlow, let me know as it is only right Colliers pay for it.
    John Hoskin
    Regional Facilities Manager, Colliers International
  • Mark Frost
    Good morning Neil, Hope you had a nice weekend! I would just like to say what a nice team you had working here on Saturday. Very professional at all times. Kind regards, Mark
    Mark Frost
    Royal Exchange, Royal Court, London EC3
  • Hello, I'm afraid I don't know their names but the 2 guys on tonight were lovely. There were customers who were - well - not happy at about 10 to 8 - and security happened to spot me trying to leave. I dealt with customer and whilst he left much happier than they started they weren't particularly nice and the guys were very supportive - I said I was going to give it 5 mins before I left and they offered to walk me to the station. Just lovely - talk about above and beyond. Of course I said no, but I was really impressed.
    Carly Whyborn
    Head of Operations / Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
  • Just wanted to pass on how brilliant Anwar was today. He was doing his patrol past the pedestrian gates and found 2 dogs. He radioed immediately, brought them inside and stayed still. Turns out they had escaped from next door - Anwar did exactly the right thing and didn't immediately give them back but waited for approval - I'm sure he has never been told to do this but he handled it perfectly. Both Laura and I were really impressed and wanted to pass this back to you.
    Carly Whyborn
    Head of Operations / Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
  • Peter Abi-Aad
    I hope you don’t mind me writing to you uninvited but professionalism need not to be overlooked. I have visited the Capitol building premises few times recently as I have a business partner on the premises, Avnet. I have found Paul very professional indeed, polite and courteous, friendly and pleasant to see and talk to on arriving to the premises. Yet with all his kindness he keeps a very close eye on the car park, and customers themselves making sure the security procedures are fully observed. Security needs not to be rough and rude, it can be achieved keeping the good human interaction! And Paul is the living example. Please pass my thanks to Paul.
    Peter Abi-Aad
    Partner Manager UK/Ireland
  • Su Millar Operations Director
    An intruder was found on our floor last night. He got in because someone put the snib on the door. Luckily he was apprehended by our excellent Security team and didn’t steal anything. I put my hand in my pocket this afternoon, knowing there was a £10 note in there. It was gone. I had lost it during the afternoon. I decided to call security on the off-chance that someone had handed it in. I almost didn’t bother as I didn’t think anyone would. And guess what! Mahomed said that yes, it had been handed in. It turned out he had picked it up in the atrium himself and was waiting for someone to ask. I offered to buy him a coffee as thanks but he wouldn’t let me. You probably already know what great staff you have in the security team, but I thought you’d like to hear anyway.
    Su Millar Operations Director
    M&C Saatchi
  • Corina Lordanescu
    On behalf of the Romanian Embassy I would like to extend our warm thanks and appreciation for your professional assistance and kind cooperation in providing security services for the Romanian polling sections on 16 November. Please convey our thanks to all the security staff who were deployed at both London locations, their contribution have been essential for maintaining an orderly flow of people throughout the day. There have been extraordinary circumstances given the high turnout so let me reassure you that the teams’ dedication and active involvement have been noted and appreciated, they proved to be highly reliable and supportive partners to our staff. Thanks again for your cooperation, we are looking forward to working with you in the future
    Corina Lordanescu
    Counsellor/ The Embassy of Romania
  • Mark R Talbot MBIFM
    I would like to drop you a short note to thank Danhouse for their invaluable support during the ‘flood/leak incident’ we experienced on Tuesday afternoon. The response from the whole Facilities team was first class and the resultant clear up operation was handled both effectively and seamlessly. At times like these it is essential that a team pulls together in order to archive the right result. Clearly we were able to achieve this in that there was minimal disruption to Macmillan staff and the ‘outflow’ was effectively contained. I don’t want to particularly name individuals as I will surely miss someone out and it is not just front-line staff that should receive all the plaudits.
    Mark R Talbot MBIFM
    Head of Facilities Operations / Macmillan Science and Education
  • Tony O'Brien
    I would just like to say thanks to your staff, Lewis and Charles for all their help at Aspect Gate Friday with the roller shutters and Saturday with the intruder alarm activations, both were more than helpful and to Terry Stock your security guard who was again more than helpful with the problems with the roller shutter on Friday he was of great assistance to me throughout the evening.
    Tony O'Brien
    Regional Facilities Manager / Workman FM
  • Emma Selby
    I just wanted to give a massive shout out for Mike. We had the temporary office workers onsite yesterday for the first time, and I have had excellent feedback from the Barts Hospital Director, on behalf of her team, with regards to Mike. They felt very welcomed and put at ease by him, which is fantastic news as the majority of these employees, have worked from home for over a year and others are brand new to the Charity. I will thank him personally, but wanted to give you this feedback. He’s doing a great job.
    Emma Selby
    Nuffield Health / Commercial Property Contracts Manager
  • Sarah Critchlow
    I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that the team at Golden House are Golden Stars! Sonia continues to provide excellent customer service to all that enter. Sonia is also a great asset knowing what is going on when I am not around which is extremely helpful and other building tenants are getting to know Sonia. Again over and above her duties but from the EA Shaw perspective providing all tenants of the estate with excellent customer care. Both continue to display a “can do attitude” and are prepared to work overtime at weekends to ensure that repairs/ fit outs occur seamlessly. Any chance they could be awarded employee of the month! They are my spare set of hands/feet on a busy day.
    Sarah Critchlow
    Facilities Manager / EA Shaw
  • Ren Hudaverdi
    Hi Neil, I just wanted to confirm in writing to you my views and feed back for Ioana, who has been on site for the last 4 weeks. Ioana has been a delight to work with these last 4 weeks. She is punctual, in fact she arrives for work earlier than her start time. I have found her to be extremely efficient and conscientious at all times while she is on duty. The tenants have given really positive feedback.  They advise that she is very helpful and goes out of her way to assist in any way she can. In the 4 weeks she has been at the site, she has become a major asset and make my job easier, as she is so in tune with what is required from her. I am very happy to keep Ioana at the site as discussed.
    Ren Hudaverdi
    Maurice Investments Limited
  • Bob Duncan
    I would like to mention the Officer Noel who whilst I was on leave assisted in extracting a person trapped in a lift. The person concerned was an MP and he has commented to me that Noel “was very professional in his duties and made sure I was informed at all times, please pass on my thanks”. Thank you Danhouse you make it so I can enjoy my time off without worrying about my site, keep up the good work.
    Bob Duncan
    Building Manager Buckingham Court