Peter Manville Retirement

Peter Manville Retires After Long Service at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Peter Manville – Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Brands Hatch

The senior management team would like to personally thank one of our truly remarkable employees, Peter Manville, who has always shown true dedication and professionalism. Peter has been an employee of Danhouse Security since 2016 and at the young age of 73 has decided on his retirement. The senior management team and all at Danhouse Security would like to thank Peter for all of his hard work and professionalism over the years and wish him a very happy and fruitful retirement together with a well-earned rest!

Peter has been a very proactive individual leaving a great and lasting impression with colleagues, clients and all that have had reason to interact with him over the years at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in Brands Hatch. Peter has an impressive history of excellent attendance and punctuality during his employment with Danhouse Security and an exemplary officer.

During Peter’s final shift, the Battersea team were waiting for him and presented a Farewell Card and a bounty of Battersea merchandise to thank him personally for his excellent services over the years.

Artur Karbowiak, Danhouse Account Manager, was there in attendance to thank him on behalf of the company and deliver his retirement gift. Arthur commented: “Peter is an incredible employee and has been a great ambassador for Danhouse Security, he will be sorely missed by both colleagues and our client at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. He will also be incredibly difficult to replace but I personally would like to thank him for his professional attitude and service over the years and wish him all the best in his retirement.”
Once again, thank you Peter and enjoy your retirement from all at Danhouse Security!
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