Making a ‘BIG’ difference

It is sometimes a difficult job we have and I know you all make every effort to make sure that you provide a high quality service to our customers. We truly believe we should recognise that and those that go beyond what is required. So moving forward the Management Team will be looking to issue these cards to you when you make a difference! Doing your job is what is required but when you go beyond that we have to recognise this. Each one presented will have a written note on the back and we will celebrate this with you. A “Thank You” and a “Well Done” may not seem much but I know when someone speaks those words to me I do feel I have achieved something and I hope we can do that for you too.These cards are with us now and it’s a pleasure to report that we have had the need to present our first “Well Done” card to Noel Houlihan. Noel has been with us for a few weeks and part of his training took him to a site where he covered Concierge duties. During the course of his work he interacted with a number of high profile dignitaries and one of these a MP unfortunately got caught in the lift in the building. Noel took the right action and kept the gentleman informed and assisted in every way he could. Noel believed he was just doing his job, but we received a wonderful note from the MP who commented ‘Noel was superbly professional in his duties and was more than helpful’. Well done Noel that’s a great plaudit to receive so early in your Danhouse career!