Frequently Asked Questions

Will vary but there is a generic risk in London from ‘active shooter’ terrorism – UK Threat Level is SEVERE meaning attack is highly likely. Crime including walk-in theft, burglary, suspect mail, fraud, security of information.

We offer risk assessments as part of our proposals and conduct needs analysis surveys to assess the requirements of the contract as part of the tender process.

We have a dynamic, well-motivated guarding force and pride ourselves on quality of performance. Officers are instructed in the need for continual improvement and are rewarded for innovation.

Security control room to provide immediate response and advice, capability to dispatch mobile patrol in support, managers on call to attend where required. All our officers have incident management training.

We believe front of house services in the form of meet and greet, for example, provides an additional layer of security and enhances the visitor experience for the occupants of the building.

Officers are provided with conflict resolution training to enable them to take a measured and conciliatory approach to issues with people.
A written report would be prepared for the building management.

Where our risk assessments indicate a risk of protest due to location or profile of tenants, officers are provided with the necessary training to provide an immediate response. We also have a member of our management team who specialises in protestor management and would be available to assist where protests are anticipated or planned.

We restrict officer access to the internet unless it is a requirement of the client and have zero tolerance policy to officers who may use it for inappropriate material. We have the capability to monitor traffic on our own systems and work with in house IT services if required.

We have reserve officers who we arrange to have building experience on a rotating basis so we are able to provide a seamless service.