Danhouse Security Ltd

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement
At Danhouse Security Ltd we recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our clients, employees and suppliers, together with the needs of the community and the environment.
We recognise our corporate responsibility commitments which are reflected in the principles shown below:
Standards of business conduct:
We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all aspects according to rigorous ethical professional and legal standards.
Health & Safety:
We are committed to achieving continuous improvement in Health & Safety performance so that we provide a clean, healthy and safe working environment for our employees.
We aim to deliver a fair employment environment giving individuals the opportunity to develop and advance, subject to performance and business opportunity.
We shall operate an Equal Opportunities Policy for all present and future employees that includes a clear and fair remuneration policy, and provides safeguards to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and without sexual, physical or mental harassment.
Our business and livelihood depends on our clients. All employees are responsible for ensuring that any contact with clients reflects professionalism, efficiency and honesty. We will strive to provide a high quality level of service together with good value for money.
We take seriously all feedback that we receive from clients and where possible maintain open dialogue to ensure that we fulfil the requirements outlined within this policy.
We will register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our documented standards of service.
Our objective is to endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment through a commitment to continual improvement directed at reducing our environmental footprint wherever possible. To this end we recycle paper and inkjet cartridges wherever practical and possible.
We shall encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices for our mutual benefit.
We shall support and encourage dialogue with local community organisations and activities by our employees to our mutual benefit.
The General Manager is responsible for the implementation of this policy and ensuring that resources are made available to meet our corporate responsibilities.
Monitoring each of the underlying policy commitments of this policy is the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure that our performance in respect of this policy is consistently achieved. To this end the policy will be reviewed annually at the Annual Review Meeting.

SAFE Contractor Status to promote health & safety in the workplace

Members of BSIA promoting the security industry

Support all aspects of working time directive

Encourage reducing power usage by turning off lights when not needed

Employ mature and diverse workforce

Provide training and qualifications to all staff

Recycling of: Paper, Card, Waste, Uniforms etc

Encourage acceptable work to life balance for all staff

Rosters support religious beliefs charity work family life


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